Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yearning for Spring

Photos taken April 17, 2010, views of my back yard.  The Newport plums were coming into blossom.  The daylilies around the house were already up a foot high, but so early in the season, most of the other trees had barely begun to leaf-out and the grass was rough and showing signs of a long, hard winter.  Hadn't been through it's first cut yet.  In the lower photo, two squirrels' nests are clearly discernible in the tree to the left.

I'm trying to hang on for December 21st, Solstice.  It was sunny out today and since I was home (new furnace installation) I was able to open the front door when the sun rose up high enough in the far east/southeast to hit the front porch and spill some warmth into the front room through the glass storm door.  It felt so good.

I don't like this new furnace.  The house is cold.  The thermostat says it's 65 in here, but I don't believe it.  I'm cold, cold, cold.  Sitting here typing with a doubled-up afghan wrapped around me, and my hands are like ice-cubes, but I can't wear gloves and type at the same time.  It's like zero degrees F outside.  For those of you on the Celsius scale, that's about 32 degrees below your zero. 

The good news is that I've got my new-fangled wireless printer/fax/copier/scanner set up and actually got it to work after entering my WEP code about 12 times (not kidding).  I couldn't type it in on my keyboard - NNOOOOOOOOO.  I had to punch it in on a 2 by 2 inch screen on the printer by clicking on an arrow to move a "pointer", one letter (or number) at a time until I hit upon the correct one, and then punch OK.  LOL!  I'm laughing now, but it wasn't frigging funny when I was doing it, let me tell you. 

Wondering what the house would feel like with the thermostat turned up to 80.  Would it be warm enough, finally?  Would my hands work again?

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