Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 'Other' Side of Chess Events - When Things Go Really Really Wrong

If I haven't already added "Chess in Translation" as a link to this blog - remind me to do so pronto.  I thought I had, but - well, you know.  I will do it (if I haven't already) tomorrow - Friday nights are always a great release night for me and I have a modicum more energy to do things like that when I've a weekend (and no alarm clock!) at which to look forward! 

I happened upon this article earlier this evening while catching up with the news for the past few weeks at Susan Polgar's excellent chess blog.  I was at first horrified and shocked when I read through it.  But then, in reality, this kind of stuff happens all the time to chessplayers, not just restricted to female players.  This type of treatment, including not being paid promised appearance fees and/or receiving travel reimbursement, etc., happens to male players who are GMs, too. But the ladies often do not fight back to defend their rights and demand their due as ardently as the male players confronted with such nonsense do.  Alas, it is socialization that teaches females that we are not to act aggressively and blah blah blah, and we sure do not want to be tagged as bitches, etc. etc. Me, I'm a hopeless case.  I'm routinely called a first class beyatch by males (expected) and females (up your noses with a rubber hose) alike. Even after all these years, I'm woman enough to admit that it still hurts. 

So, please check out what happened to the female players of the 2011 Cotroceni Women's Invitational Tourmament as written about at the Chess in Translation blog

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