Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Equinox on March 20, 2011

And, per usual in Wisconsin, crappy weather follows!  Thunderstorms - and up to half an inch not needed rain, as with the spring melt-off the sewer treatment plants are claiming they are being overwhelmed with waste because of "leakage" of storm water (and melt-off from our snow) into sanitary sewer pipes.  Yeah, right.  Like, if such leakage was actually occurring, it only goes one way?  Oh please - water doesn't only leak in, it also leaks out.  So why is Milwaukee County NOT floating in a gigantic pool of people's poop if the Sewerage District is telling the truth, heh?  It's not rocket science, folks, but apparently some politicians in my home town buy this b.s. because it's coming from "experts."  Well, you all know what I think of "experts."

But I am happy for Spring to spring, although my poor old body has yet to have adapted to Daylight Savings Time.  I lost an hour of sleep and I'm still feeling it - badly!  Until the level of sunlight in the morning peeking through my window says TIME TO GET UP IT'S 5:30 A.M., I struggle out of bed as close to 7 a.m. as I dare - and I HATE that because then I don't have time to make my coffee, feed the squirrels, and sit down and read the news like a civilized human being.  I'm out the door by 7:25 a.m. regardless in order to catch my bus to downtown and make it to the office by 8:30.  For 21 years, I've not yet shown at the office with pajama bottoms still on instead of dress slacks - but it gets harder every day...

You know, I was always under the impression - obviously mistaken - that Spring sprang forth on March 21st.  Have we lost a day somehow???

Whatever - this news gave me a pick-me-up!  A band of latter-day Pagans running around the Black Hills of South Dakota (can you imagine???) has a large celebration planned in honor of the Goddess Ostara (known by various other names, depending upon the incarnation, such as Oestre or Eostre, for which the Roman Catholic holy day of obligation of Easter is named).  Well, good for them, and I do hope the National Rifle Association isn't holding a convention anywhere nearby - those gun-toters do like to kill bunnies...

From the
Asatru group to honor goddess Ostara
Mary Garrigan Journal staff Rapid City Journal | Posted: Saturday, March 19, 2011 7:00 am

Black Hills area heathens, neo-pagans and witches will hold sabbats, blots and other ritual gatherings this weekend to mark Ostara, or Eostre, more commonly known as the spring equinox.
Spring begins Sunday, March 20, and polytheistic, nature-based religions such as Asatru, which is practiced by the Sigruna Kindred, a Germanic heathenry group in Rapid City, will celebrate today with a blot and feast in honor of Ostara, the goddess of spring. A gathering of Wiccans will take place at 6:30 p.m. today. The Black Hills Pagans and Heathen group will hold an Ostara Ritual and Feast at 6 p.m. Monday. The locations of those gatherings are available by registering at the website.

In honor of the holy day, I've taken off work Monday and I'll munch an egg sandwich or two in honor of the Goddess while I work on my income taxes - you know, those forms that the IRS tells you will only take 3 hours to fill out and it ends up taking 3 days...

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