Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...

Hola!  I spent most of the day hunting down information on bus and metro travel from the airport to the city center in Madrid, and then confirming and booking flights to and from Madrid for the first week in January, 2012.  Yes - we're booking that far out.  With the way airfare is rising because of increases in jet fuel, I want to be safe rather than sorry -- and we have to plan around Michelle's college schedule.  We did not want to go during the heat of summer (at least, I didn't - I can't take hot and humid anymore; I can take hot and dry as in Las Vegas, but not hot and humid). 

Found what looks like a nice little family-owned hostal - Hostal Gonzalo - just a few blocks away from the Prado Museum on a quiet street (what passes for quiet, anyway, in central Madrid, LOL!) with many restaurants nearby - I made our reservations there last night. 

We hope this trip to see many sites that we did not get to see during our trip in October, 2002 in addition to spending more time at the Prado - where we only were able to spend 4 hours before it closed down -- that was also the day I got sick (yech) but I didn't really feel bad untiil after we got back to our hotel.  We also hope to see our dear friend Carmen.

I'd like to share some photographs from that 2002 trip - all taken by Mr. Don. Except - oh oh - the old email that has all of the attachments has a geocities url that no longer works.  Drat - I will have to hunt down the current location of the photos!

Don in the Gift Shop at the National Palace,
we were waiting for our tour number to be called.
He did his "Obi Wan Don" imitation.

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