Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two-Time U.S. Women's Champion Jen Shahade Upcoming Simul/Lecture

To promote her new book "Play Like a Girl!Tactics by 9 Queens," all proceeds of sale which will go to fund 9 Queens.  9 Queens believes in the empowerment of the individual through learning to play chess and all that it teaches -- it reaches out especially to children and women of all ages.

Excerpted from the - San Francisco

U.S. champion Shahade visiting San Francisco for chess exhibition and signing

    Jennifer Shahade, from Mechanics
    Institute website
  • March 23rd, 2011 7:30 pm PT
Jennifer Shahade, a two-time U.S. women's chess champion, appears March 29 at the Mechanics Institute Chess Club. Shahade will give a talk, and sign her new book Play Like a Girl! Tactics by 9 Queens.

Play Like a Girl! is an anthology of combinations played by female masters, going back to the first women's world champions Menchik and Rudenko, and including the current and youngest champion Hou Yifan.

The royalties from Play Like a Girl! will go to the non-profit organization 9 Queens. According to its website, 9 Queens is dedicated to extending the benefits of chess to those who need it most, especially girls at at-risk youth.

After her evening at Mechanics on March 29, Shahade will perform a simultaneous exhibition at the NorCal House of Chess on April 3. Then she'll head to Arizona for the Tucson Chess Fest, a 9 Queens event. "A mini West Coast book tour!" she said.

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