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38th National Women Challengers Chess Championship - India

Reported at The Hindu Online

Saimeera moves into joint lead
Arvind Aaron
Chennai, July 9, 2011

Woman International Master Saimeera Ravi of Indian Bank defeated Savetha to join the leaders at the end of the ninth round in the National women Challengers chess championship here on Friday.

Tamil Nadu's Saimeera took the place of Statemate Savetha in the lead while the other three leaders retained their positions.

B. Pratyusha (AP), Nimmy George (Kerala), Bhakti Kulkarni (Goa) and Saimeera are on seven points from nine games. Two more rounds remain to be played.

Saimeera as usual played the closed variation against the Sicilian defence of Savetha and trooped in with her rook to win a bishop on move 37 which decided the issue in her favour.

On the top table, Nimmy missed her chance in the extra pawn ending featuring two bishops each. Pratyusha fought well and with some luck was able to draw in 40 moves.

Comfortable draw

Divyasree played a comfortable 44-move draw with white against Bhakti after the players reached a level-pawn ending.

Bharathi softened up Sahajasri with moves difficult to encounter in the early middlegame and later sacrificed a rook on move 28 to net the white king.

The last two rounds are likely to be uninteresting with a spate of agreed quick draws on the cards. The players will be eagerly looking for a qualifying berth in the top 20 and a place in the National Premier.

Important results (ninth round): B. Pratyusha (AP) 7 drew with Nimmy George (Ker) 7, C. Divyasree (AP) 6.5 drew with Bhakti Kulkarni (Goa) 7, Saimeera Ravi (TN) 7 bt C.H. Savetha (TN) 6.5, C. Sahajasri (AP) 6 lost to R. Bharathi (TN) 6.5, P.V. Nandhidhaa (TN) 6 drew with A. Sithalatchumi (TN) 6.

A. Akshaya (TN) 6 drew with Pon N. Krithikha (TN) 6, Michelle Catherina (TN) 6.5 bt J. Janani (TN) 5.5, Bala Kannamma (TN) 5.5 lost to S. Harini (TN) 6.5, M. Mahalakshmi (TN) 5.5 lost to Swati Mohota (WB) 6, R. Preethi (TN) 5 lost to G. Lasya (AP) 6, V. Sree Lakshmi (AP) 5 lost to Pallabi Roy (WB) 6.

Supriya Joshi (Mah) 6 bt Shristi Shetty (Kar) 5, Shweta Gole (Mah) 6 bt V. Varshini (ATN) 5, Madhurima Shekhar (Del) 6 bt N.L.V. Anusha (AP) 4.5.

You can find tournament information at  This is a large female-only event: 101 players.  Here are the top standings after R9:

Rk.NameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1 TB2
1CMKulkarni BhaktiIND2317GOA7.050.545.0
2Nimmy A GIND2222KER7.050.044.5
3Pratyusha BoddaIND2064AP7.049.044.5
4WIMMeera SaiIND2119TN7.044.540.0
5WFMBharathi RIND2117TN6.546.041.5
6Savetha C HIND1992TN6.545.541.0
7Chandika DivyasreeIND2123AP6.544.540.5
8Harini SIND2022TN6.543.038.5
9Michelle Catherina PIND2052TN6.542.038.0
10Cholleti SahajasriIND2023AP6.048.044.0
11Nandhidhaa PvIND2101TN6.047.543.0
12Supriya JoshiIND1829MAH6.047.042.0
13Roy PallabiIND1944WB6.043.539.0
14A AkshayaIND1966TN6.043.039.0
15Shweta GoleIND1922MAH6.041.037.0
Lasya GIND1898AP6.041.037.0
Madhurima ShekharIND1854DEL6.041.037.0
18Sithalatchumi AIND1939TN6.040.036.0
19WFMSwati MohotaIND2051WB6.040.035.5
20WFMPon NkrithikaIND2075TN6.039.035.0

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