Saturday, July 23, 2011

Advanced Style - I LOVE This Web Site!

I found the most fabulous blog today!!!


 Darlings, it has nothing to do with chess whatsoever but it is definitely about style and maintaining one's joie de vivre into one's golden years.  I guess I qualify for starting my golden years - turn 60 next month.  EEK! 

I sure as hell don't feel like 60, whatever it's supposed to feel like.  When I think back on my grandparents, they seemed very 'old' at 60 - not in spirit, but they looked old, you know?  They were bent over and had seemed to 'shrink' down from how I remember them when I first 'remember' them (probably about age 4 or 5), they had lots of wrinkles, and bad teeth; they had bad health problems, grey hair badly styled or no style, they dressed 'old.' I miss them all so much.  Hardly a day goes by I don't think of them, even after all these years.  I got especially close to my Grandpa Newton after Grandma Newton died.  Grandpa died when I just turned 13.  It was a traumatic event for me. 

A generation later, although I lost my dear dad much too soon, when he turned 80 (in November, 2002), mom turned 84 in May and is fine and going strong as ever.  She lives on her own in the house she and dad bought for their retirement back in 1987, and she works in the garden every day, weather permitting.  I think she will outlive us all, she is an Iron Woman!  Mom has lived to see several great-grandchildren born and sprouting up, and many of her grandchildren are now well into their 30's, so they've had years to spend with her and enjoy her company -- a big change from what happened when I felt cheated by losing my grandparents at such an early age. 

We know so much more now about how to take care of ourselves, and what we can do to stay as vital as we can, for as long as we can.  It's such a different world now, from when my grandparents died in the 1960's. 

My 60 is definitely not my Grandmas' 60! 

I'm adding Advanced Style to my favorite links list!  Please take a look.  Ari Seth Cohen, the creator of the blog and the person who took all the lovely photographs in it, I salute you for your original vision and appreciation of the fact that an aged wine has more character and flavor than the young, raw stuff! 

Now, I have to go cut the grass...

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