Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 City of Montreal Open Chess Championships

The opening video.  I can just feel the energy flowing - and what a great mix of people, young and old, female and male, wily veterans and beginners, all playing this wonderful game of chess together in the gorgeous surroundings of College Jean de Brebeuf.  That is WGM Alina L'Ami in the opening frames, pretty in pink.  As you'll see, there is another lovely young lady in pink who wanders into view later on:

A very special interview of Danny Goldenberg, who talks about the organization of The Royal Game (Jeu Royale) and plans to establish a special invitational event where Canadian chessplayers will have the possibility to score IM norms -- and a few more surprises, too.

An interview (in French, no translation available) with Joliet Philogenes. My French is practically non-existent, but I believe that Mr. Philogenes is an immigrant from Haiti to Canada and has settled in Quebec. He has played in many international tournaments. The lady sitting next to him is his wife - I am not certain if the young people introduced at the end of the video are some or all of their children or children and a student or two! Mr. Philogenes' enthusiasm for the Royal Game comes through loud and clear, no matter the language barriers!  His comments include ruminations on the bonds that the game of chess creates among players, no matter what country they are from and what languages they speak.

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