Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some Sets from the Vivian and George Dean Collection

Thirty sets from the extensive collection of the Deans is currently on display at the Chess Hall of Fame and Museum.  I toured the exhibit with other members of the CCI Saturday morning.  Here are some photos of my favorite sets.  I also took photos of the descriptions but I'll have to wait to put them up until I get home and can print them out in large print so I can make them out -  they turned out too blurry to post here!  Picture quality isn't the greatest either.  We weren't allowed to used flash, and without a tripod I couldn't keep the camera still enough to get crisp, clear photos.  However, I did purchase the Dean's book in the gift shop at the Museum and I will scan in some of my favorites when I get home and have a chance to catch my breath!

I believe this is a Moghul set - stunning.  The pieces are decorated with diamonds for white and rubies for red.

A collection of ancient Islamic pieces.
This is called a "tulip" style set - carved ivory, on top of an Indian
cloth chaturanga board.  Beautiful!

I believe this is an early 17th century pegged set.
"Good" v. "Evil" set.

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