Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 FIDE Women's Grand Prix - Nalchik

No one's giving up on this one yet!  Current standings 3 through 9 are all with 4.0!  Today GM Alexandra Kosteniuk won her second game, and she's battling all the way to the end.  You can see it in her eyes and in her body language.  There are only 3 more rounds to go, but pride is on the line, as well as Grand Prix points.  The higher you can move up in the final standings, the better!  No one is laying down for the remainder of the games.

Round 8 on 2011/10/17 at 15:00
12IMKovalevskaya Ekaterina24210 - 1GMKosteniuk Alexandra246910
11IMGalliamova Alisa2498½ - ½GMCmilyte Viktorija25259
1IMMunguntuul Batkhuyag24671 - 0WGMJu Wenjun25368
2GMLahno Kateryna2554½ - ½GMKosintseva Tatiana25367
3GMZhu Chen24901 - 0GMStefanova Antoaneta25286
4GMZhao Xue24971 - 0GMKosintseva Nadezhda25605

Rank after round 8
14GMZhao Xue2497CHN*½1111111026,002942
28WGMJu Wenjun2536CHN*½½½11½0½016,752544
312IMKovalevskaya Ekaterina2421RUS½½*½1½½½04017,252509
42GMLahno Kateryna2554UKR0½*½½½1½½4014,752500
59GMCmilyte Viktorija2525LTU0½0*1½½½14014,252506
63GMZhu Chen2490QAT0½½*½1½104014,002499
77GMKosintseva Tatiana2536RUS½½½0*½½½14013,502500
85GMKosintseva Nadezhda2560RUS00½½½*½114012,502505
96GMStefanova Antoaneta2528BUL00½0½*1114012,002509
1011IMGalliamova Alisa2498RUS0½½½½½½0*3012,252441
111IMMunguntuul Batkhuyag2467MGL01½½0½00*010,502374
1210GMKosteniuk Alexandra2469RUS0½101000*010,252371

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