Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blast from the Past: IGK Symposium Hamburg 1999 - 2

Welcome to Hamburg!  Mr. Don arrived on the day the Symposium started, jet-lagged and bleary-eyed.  He had booked a hotel room and had directions on where the symposium was meeting.  Unfortunately, he ran into some language problems and ended up boarding a metro/train going in the opposite direction from where he needed to go.  (This was a problem that would continue to plague us throughout our travels, LOL! Just call us the "Wrong Way Nort Americanos").  Eventually, however, he got turned in the right direction and arrived, albeit, late, at the Symposium. 

Here is a precis of the program/presentations

Don's Recap of his Adventures in Hamburg

Here is a photo of Mr. Don giving his presentation, and a link to Mr. Don's presentation (just a little off-kilter, like his personality, heh heh):

Chess Historical Research and the Internet: A Meeting of "Many Worlds"

The entire experience opened our eyes to an entirely new world, and "we" made many new friends!

Don met Dr. Koichi Masukawa, with whom we shared a dinner in 2001 in Amsterdam, the next IGK Symposium.  Here is Dr. Masukawa in 1999:

In addition to meeting - face to face for the first time - our mentor, Dr. Ricardo Calvo, and his wife, Carmen Romero, he also met Hanspeter Suwe, Ken Whyld, Dr. Ulrich Schadler, Dr. Peter Monte, and many others.  Isis and I met several of these same people in Amsterdam in 2001, but we did not meet Mike Pennell, whom I most particularly had wanted to meet.  Oh well. 

Left to right: Dr. (and IM) Ricardo Calvo, Hanspeter
Suwe, Carmen Romero (a/k/a Carmen Calvo)

Mike Pennell

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