Monday, October 10, 2011

Botswana International Open 2011 Ladies Section Gaborone, Botswana

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts.TB1 TB2 TB3
1WCMTembo EpahZAM19097.546.536.038.50
2WFMMudongo BoikhutsoBOT18646.547.036.530.75
3WCMFrancis OnkemetseBOT06.545.535.530.75
4WFMBotlhole KgalaleloBOT15356.544.034.026.75
5Marx IngeRSA05.537.530.021.50
6WCMMokgacha KeitumetseBOT18865.534.528.519.25
7WCMSabure OntiretseBOT17345.048.037.521.00
8Katisenge KeeneseBOT05.040.031.519.00
9Gorata LesoBOT17334.552.040.024.00
10WCMFrancis ThapeloBOT04.546.538.018.25
11Thamuku BoitshwareloBOT04.541.532.519.00
12WCMLame KolaatamoBOT04.535.028.515.25
13Mbakhwa FaithBOT15154.049.539.018.50
14Mbo MabediBOT04.036.528.511.00
15Kelebeile NametsegoBOT04.036.526.512.25
16Mam AbhaBOT03.033.526.06.00
17Mothule NaomiBOT03.
18Montsho OtlarongwaBOT02.534.026.58.75
19Mpedi BonoloBOT02.533.025.55.75
20Ntseane JessicaBOT01.

From The Monitor
Monday, 10 October 2011 | Issue: Vol.12 No.37

As many as 15 leading local players who participated in the Botswana International Open, held over the Independence holidays, have been degraded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) due to poor form at the FIDE-rated event.

While promising woman chess master (FM) Kgalalelo Botlhole, saw her rating of 1535 points soar by 52.5 points, it was a different story for the majority of her compatriots. National team player Gorata Leso, with FIDE rating of 1733, lost 35.1 points after performing poorly at the event won by Zambia's Epah Tembo.

Another woman national team player and medallist from the just-ended All Africa Games in Mozambique, Ontiretse Sabure, with a rating of 1734 points, lost 41.1 FIDE points. After finishing second at the event, Boikhutso Mudongo (1848) added 7.8 points to her ratings, but another national team player, Keitumetse Mokgacha (1886) dropped 18 points. In the men's category, Providence Oathotse, despite losing only one game, and drawing four, lost 5.5 points from his 2253 FIDA points. Promising youngster and national team player, Thabo Gumpo, also lost 3.75 points, while former national team player, Mosenya Ndawana, lost 9.3 points. Boikhutso Cinky will have 10.2 points deducted from his rating (2031).

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