Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Mad I Tell You, Mad...

I just couldn't help myself:

This is a McCall's pattern I happened to come across while I was looking at McCall's fall offerings.  She's so cute - look at the expression on her face!  You just know she's saying "Doh! Hey Mom, why are you dressing me in this horrid green check?  You know I love pink..."

So, this is what happens when a woman catches Sewing Fever.  Geez!  If my doggies were still alive, I'd probably stitch this up for each of them - but not in this horrid green. 

Seriously, the other day I saw something on a pattern website and now do you think I can find it for the life of me?  Hell no.  It was a particular material that was used to make a blouse that I'm after - not the pattern nor the blouse itself.  It was a dark autumnal colored print with a repeating pattern across the material.  It sort of reminded me of the best most rich Indian paisleys, but it wasn't a paisley print. 

It occurred to me afterward that the material would make a perfect chessboard pattern with no need to patchwork together alternating squares of color (checkerboard effect, tired by true), although it might be a little large.  But as a cloth board that could be sewed on a backing and rolled up, who cares if it's 20 inches square?  Perfect and lightweight.  I've got to find that material again --

Update:  11:34 a.m.  I found the fabric!  It was at the Butterick's pattern store online that I saw it.  Here's a photo of the jacket done up in it:

In looking at it now, it does look rather like a paisley, doesn't it.  Anyway, it would be perfect for what I have in mind.  Can anyone help me identify this fabric by maker and pattern number and where, if possible, I might be able to buy it online??? 

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