Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh Oh! Guess I'm Public Enemy Numero Uno...

...for feeding my squirrels! 

OHMYGODDESS, can't believe people are actually bitching about someone feeding squirrels.  Get a fricking life, will ya?  Geez!  I've been feeding all of the wildlife in this neighborhood (a few miles away from the neighborhood mentioned in this news article) for more than 21 years and I've yet to see a rat - except for the two-legged kind.  Seems they're all over the place these days.  Tsk tsk. 

Maybe you people on South 72nd Street need to be visited by a few SKUNKS.  I feed them, too.  Two of my doggies even got sprayed a few times.  Such is life in the city.  Get over it, you SCROOGES, bitching about animals eating.  May Artemis put a Pox on you and your households! 

From The Journal/Sentinel Online
Jim Stingl

Neighborhood in bad mood over squirrel food

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