Sunday, October 16, 2011

OINK! Sexism Rears Its Head in Nalchik Interviews

Oh for Goddess' sake!  As if it's not bad enough these women, some of the best female chessplayers in the world, are playing for peanuts, the questions they are having to answer in these video "interviews" are absolutely ridiculous!  How insulting!  What are these organizers thinking?  Are they thinking at all?

Take a look at the "official" website for the Women's Grand Prix-Nalchik:

Ju Wenjun - about chess, life and hobbies
- Does the Chinese grandmaster want to marry?
- What clothes does she wear?
- Does she like to dance?

These and other questions are in the exclusive interview with Ju Wenjum specially for an official site of Grand-prix

And this --
 Alisa Galliamova - about family, chess and life (in Russian)
- What stile of clothes does the double champion of Russia prefer?
- How many times does she spend in a beauty salon?
- How often does she go to the discos?
- Is she in love now?

These and other questions are in the exclusive interview specially for official site
Gran Prix.

Does anyone ask Shirov about his love life?  Maybe they should, ha!  Honestly, darlings, does anyone ask a male chessplayer whether he wants to get married and have children?  What clothes he likes to wear?  Does he like to dance and go to the discos?  Is he in LOVE right now?  How often do they get their hair done?  Could you see Kasparov answering such questions?  Aronian?  Topalov?  GIVE ME A FRIGGING BREAK!

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