Monday, October 17, 2011

Stormy Weather - Wind Storm, That Is...

This is a test video I made with my Nikon Coolpix 5600 last Saturday morning. I suppose this camera is practically an antique already! But even though it "only" produces pics of 5 pixels or something like that(whatever that means), they are just fine for most of what I do. My only wish is that when I use the zoom the photos would come out clearer, but this isn't meant to be one of those really fancy professional cameras that let you take a clear close-up shot using a super-duper soom lense from 100 yards!

Anyway, it seems the test worked.  Thanks to the really large 2 GB memory card that Mr. Don gave to me in March in Las Vegas when I misplaced my ancient 256 MG one (original to the camera) I had no problem filming nearly 4 boring minutes of clouds scudding across the sky and it would have kept going and going except my arm got tired holding up the camera and I I was really being buffeted by the wind. 

It's been really windy here since last Friday and Saturday was even more windy!  We had sustained winds of up to 40 mph.  When I stepped out on the deck I noticed a hawk flying, hunting (this is looking south) and ran to get my camera; then I had the happy idea of trying to make a video by turning the little wheel thing on the back of the camera to the outline of an old-fashioned movie camera, LOL!  Well by that time the hawk had flown away, but the camera/filming was rolling.

I was amazed at how loud the wind sounds, and how clearly it picked up the sounds of the kids playing soccer a few blocks away to the west at the large fields of St. John's Church.  They sounded so close!

Then I thought, I should say something and see if it records.  Yeah, it did, LOL!  It's near the end of the video.  I said nothing earth shattering, but at least now I know what I sound like.

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