Saturday, October 15, 2011

Then... and Now...

Today I've been working on the Family Tree project - it's never-ending!  Since I missed last year's self-imposed deadline to put a "book" together of the primary family lines for the family (paternal and maternal), I want to get it done this year.  That is, as done as it will be as of the time I print everything out and have it copied and bound!  I am constantly discovering new lines of inquiry into branches of the family, mostly not direct lines but fascinating in their own right, nonetheless!  Today, for instance, I discovered photographs of Andrew Forsyth, Jr. and some of his daughters.  Andrew Forsyth, Jr. was the oldest son of Andrew the Soldier, of whom I've previously written about here.  Andrew the Soldier's second son was Jerome Forsyth, my direct ancestor.  It was a daughter of Jerome, Mathilda Forsyth, who became by great-grandmother.  In looking at those old photographs of Andrew Forsyth, Jr.'s girls, I saw echoes of my own grandmother, Ida Belanger Newton (daughter of Mathilda Forsyth and Edward Belanger, Jr.)  Andrew, Jr.'s daughters and my great-grandmother were first cousins.

While looking at some other old photographs I've already posted to the family tree, I came across one of my sisters Yvonne, Darlene and me with Grandpa and Grandma Newton.  Judging by how young we look, I believe it was taken in either late December, 1959, or early January, 1960.

I was struck by how much I look in this old photo (enlarged and cropped from the original) like I do in a more recent photo:

Me in 1960

Me, early October, 2011.
Gee, I haven't changed very much, LOL! I guess I shouldn't be so amazed -- eyes, nose, mouth, and those cheeks --- still the same, oh my!  Even the hairstyles are similar, separated by 50 plus years! 

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