Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update: Computer Labs 4 Kids

Shira and Crispin Sanford, May, 2011
Shira Evans Sanford and Crispin Sanford are busy with full-time jobs, but they still found time to equip a new mobile computer lab, thanks to the generosity of a local Lions Club Chapter!  They are now giving "lab" sessions in the greater Los Angeles area.

Here's the latest report:

Yesterday we had a class for four foster kids and we were joined by one foster parent. We held the course at the Embassy Suites hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA. We went over how understanding a computer application frees up your ability to create with that application and demonstrated this with several different iPad applications including Photobooth, Bobo Explores Light, Toontastic, and iMovie.

Everyone in the class made their own cartoon. I’ve included some of them here:
We hope to hold many more classes coming up in the future.

I asked Shira why they chose ipads as opposed to laptops or netbooks, which are generally less expensive.  Here is what she said:

We have used laptops. There were a couple of reasons for going with the iPads: long, long battery life, extremely portable and the fact that schools and even hospitals are using iPads to help kids with learning disabilities. Yes they cost a... bit more, but the kids are going to see them in their future and we believe that our course will help them have a little edge in that regard. Right now Crispin and I are working full time and doing Computer Labs for Kids as purely a volunteer activity. With the iPads we're able to setup a lab quickly and get kids interested a lot faster than we would otherwise. We don't have the funds for anything else really. Believe it or not, it's the most cost effective route since we have a mobile lab we can take anywhere for next to nothing now that we have them. :) The iPads were donated to us by the Lion's Club - we are extremely grateful for their help.

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