Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Water, water everywhere...

Except in Texas; except in Nevada; except in India; except in China, particularly in the arid north; except in India; too much in Bangladesh, but most of it not fit for consumption; except in Atlanta; except in the Ogalla Basin; except in Australia; except in eastern Africa; etc. etc. etc.
People can and do deny it's happening.  I don't care what you call it - global warming, climate change, whatever.  The fact is, we're shortly to turn the clock on 7 billion people, most of them in countries that can ill afford to support the additional population!  What the hell are we supposed to do?  Just let them all die from preventable DIRTY water-born diseases?  Are we supposed to just turn our backs on providing technology at low or even no cost to countries that need it that can turn salt water into potable water?  Are we supposed to let people just die of thirst, reasoning according to the marketplace "oh well, tough titty, them's the breaks kiddo, too bad you were born poor."  Aren't we already saying that to too many of of our children?

Why the World May Be Running Out of Clean Water

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