Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wine Glass Divination

Hola, darlings! Well, the grass out back did not get cut today. It was just too nice a day, and these days are so short on the menu this time of year, I couldn't bring myself to work, I just could not.

After I hiked to the Pick 'n Save and back to stock up on essentials (WINE and whatever, oh yeah, toilet paper), I settled out on the deck and did this and that online, and then I experimented with the webcam on my little Acer Notebook and took some pics of yours truly in preparation for the first Brewers v. Cardinals game at Miller Park, the beginning of the seven-game series to decide who will be Major League Baseball's National League Champion! The reason I did so was because I was doing some Wine Glass Divination, darlings, and if the Goddess is channeling correctly, she predicts that the Brewers will win the first game of this crucial series by 3 runs. I channeled a score of 10-7 Brewers - but don't hold the Goddess to that.

No, I am not red-skinned, that's just the way the sun was shining at the moment and with my red-toned hair, well, so it goes.  That's me without any make-up on, EEK!
Soooo, right now it's 8-6 Brewers batting in the bottom of the 7th. EEK! The lead has been yo-yoing back and forth, back and forth, that's how closely matched these teams are. But the Brewers have the Goddess on their side this time...

Updated 7:03 p.m.:

BREWERS WIN.  Final score 9-6.  It wasn't 10-7 but that three run margin is there!  The Goddess is on the side of right, truth, Motherhood, Milwaukee, the Brewers and me (I hope)!  YAH!  Did they hear me yelling my head off in St. Louis during the bottom of the 9th when our Ace Closer struck our first one, then two, and everyone except Cardinals fans were on their feet stomping and screaming (just like me), for that third out...and then our Ace Closer fielded a HOT grounder and kept his poise long enough to get out number .  OHMYGODDESS!


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