Friday, March 30, 2012


I know things have been sparse here lately.  First of all, there has been a lack of what I consider interesting news on archaeology/anthropology.  I am checking the news daily, but not finding anything that is ringing my chimes.  Don't know why, except maybe it has to do with...

...the damn redo (not remodelling or restoration, but a redecoration - intense nonetheless) of my living spaces I've undertaken and it's been consuming nearly all of my "spare" (har!) time.

Things aren't going to get better any time soon, unfortunately.  Tomorrow it's taping and hopefully painting the kitchen; then touching up the paint in the dinette - after priming; and then, continuing the never-ending story of wallpaper removal in the family room.  New rug arrived - check; new paintable raised pattern wallpaper (faux "anaglypta") - check; new chair-rail molding arrived - check.  Three gallons paint/primer combined on the premises - check.  Painting supplies at hand - check check check check check.  Okay, so now you see what this has to do with chess, darlings :)

So, please bear with me!

I have a canopied bed now, darlings, woooo wooooo!

And the Goddess...

... on her own plinth, on the West wall, as seen through the "veil" of the canopy on the right side of my bed.  I think She is very happy with her new location. 

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