Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XV!

Hola darlings!

It's getting to be that time again - April is right around the corner and that means another Hales Corners Chess Challenge is here!  Register.

Goddesschess has reinstated prizes for chess femmes playing in the Reserve Section this event!  Yep - that means that ladies who play in the Open will receive $40 for each WIN and $20 for each DRAW; ladies who play in the Reserve will receive $20 for each WIN and $10 for each DRAWGoddesschess prizes are paid in addition to any other prizes female players may win.  The highest scoring femme in both Open and Reserve Sections also receive free entry courtesy of Goddesschess should they choose to play in Challenge XVI in October, 2012!!!

I'm playing with my whopping 534 ELO, LOL!  I always have a good time regardless of how I do OTB (which ain't good, darlings, ain't good).  So please come out, especially our local and regional chess femmes, and support this great club and great event.

In Challenge XIV, Rachel Ulrich won $100 in Goddesschess cash for scoring 2.5/4 in the Open; sister Susan Ulrich scored 3.0/4 in the Reserve section.  Both Ulrich sisters are registered for Challenge XV -- watch out, chess dudes.

Can we break some records this year?  Would love to see the largest number of players ever, and the largest of chess femmes ever!  Come play and say hello - I'm the chick with the shortish red hair (new do as of a few weeks ago, just for spring and summer).  No, I do not look like "I Love Lucy."  I look more like - a movie star pretending to be a normal person.  Yeah, that's me with too much mascara on and the cigarette holder poking people in their eyes...

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