Friday, April 6, 2012

Woooo Woooo!

Just a quick note!  Goddesschess blog has gone over 500,000 page views sometime between yesterday and today and we're very happy about that.  Yeah, that number is nothing compared to what the largest and most popular chess websites receive on a daily basis, but considering we're just a little poopnoodle blog about Chess, Goddess, and Everything, we're very happy and grateful to our fans for supporting us all these years.  Thank you, darlings!

2007 Goddesschess anniversary celebration.  Mr. Don photographed our reflections in the "bubble" at
Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA.  It was damn hot and steamy that day!
The Goddesschess crew will be celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Goddesschess website online on May 6, 2012.  Since April, 2007 when this blog was started up, Goddesschess also features a weekly "Random Round-up" to provide our viewers with new and intriguing content.  We have continued to work hard to bring you new and original content on ancient board games, the development and theory of board games, cards, dice, etc., and of course, chess, by historians, writers, researchers, archaeologists, anthropologists and interested "amateurs" (such as ourselves, ahem).  Check out the latest additions to Ch'Essays, Chesstories, and Chess Quest.  Our very newest addition (not yet added to a category), is Stewart Culin's "Chess and Playing Cards" abstracted from his 1908 "report" to the United States Museum of National History, a/k/a The Smithsonian. 

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