Monday, October 8, 2012

16th Unive Tournament 2012

Wow!  This is going to be an extremely interesting event, with GM Hou Yifan now assuming, it seems, the former throne of GM Judit Polgar who played in this event over many years!  Check out the line-up:

16th Unive Crown Hoogeveen NED Fri 19th Oct 2012 - Sat 27th Oct 2012
Player List
1Nakamura, HikaruGMUSA27752016192
2Giri, AnishGMNED269324116068
3Tiviakov, SergeiGMNED26561008013
4Hou, YifanGMCHN26238602980

Here is the official website. It's in Dutch, but if you read and speak English, you can sort of/kind of make portions of it out. It's a good brain exercise, darlings! Try it!  I find it exhausting, but also hilariously funny when I try to guess what certain words migh mean :)

Get ready!  ACTION STARTS OCTOBER 19/20, 2012!

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