Thursday, October 11, 2012

FIDE October 2012 Ratings Lists

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Just a short post tonight.

GM Judit Polgar has got her ELO back up over 2700 and is now in - gulp - 40th place overall in the top 100 world players:

4048Polgar, JuditHUNGM2705+7269810

It wasn't that long ago, or so it seems (10 years ago perhaps?), that this rating would have had Judit well up in the ranks of the top 10.  I am working from memory here and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Judit Polgar's top rating ever was around 2711. 

Today, there is no other woman in the top 100 chessplayers in the world.  Judit is still the Gold Standard.  Perhaps Judit will always be the Gold Standard. 

Full list of Top 100 Players (all dudes except for Judit).

Top 100 Women (I'm only showing top 10 or so):

1 Polgar, Judit g HUN 2705 10 1976
2 Koneru, Humpy g IND 2607 11 1987
3 Hou, Yifan g CHN 2605 9 1994
4 Muzychuk, Anna g SLO 2587 21 1990
5 Zhao, Xue g CHN 2565 21 1985
6 Dzagnidze, Nana g GEO 2555 8 1987
7 Lahno, Kateryna g UKR 2551 10 1989
8 Kosintseva, Nadezhda g RUS 2539 9 1985
9 Cmilyte, Viktorija g LTU 2528 21 1983
10 Sebag, Marie g FRA 2521 0 1986

You see what the issues are here.  Only THREE women in the entire world are rated above 2600 -- by the way, congrats to GM Koneru Humpy for her vaulting back into second on the women's list of highest-rated players!  Meanwhile, the top female player (Judit Polgar) is nearly 100 points higher than the next two highest-rated female players in the world (Koneru and Hou), and the top male players have sprinted far far ahead, even leaving Polgar somewhat in their "dust."  So, the gap between male and female ELO ratings is NOT closing. 

This is entirely discouraging.  Female chessplayers are still segregated in the female chess ghetto and will have no hope of breaking out and raising their ELOs unless they go totally Polgar and refuse to play in women-only events, and only play in Opens or Invitationals against usually higher-rated male players and earn their ELOs the HARD WAY. 

But that means giving up relatively easy money, and potentially even starving if they have no other means of support other than their chess tournament earnings.  Because as the statistics stand now, on the face of it at least -- male players will win the prize money, and the female players will go home empty-handed and hungry. 

I understand the lure of potentially earning relatively easy money playing in women-only events; it can be a comfortable living for, say, the top 10 female players in the world, but it totally fricking sucks that they make less than 30 cents on the dollar for what a male player would make in a similarly-level event (top v. top).  That alone should be enough to light a fire under the ladies' collective butts; but it hasn't been. 

The situation shows no signs of resolving into anything better in the long run.  Ratings have gone up all across the board; yeah, there are some more female GMs, but a lot more male GMs have been named during the same period I've been observing things from a distance (about 12 years now).  Female players have some nice money events, but those don't hold a patch to what the top male players are making in a similar event.

The system sucks.  Women, why are you laying down for it?


Anonymous said...

Judit Polgar's highest rating ever was 2735, according to her Wikipedia article.

Aw... why did you disable posting with just a blog URL? Too many would-be spammers?

Eugene Wee said...

Judit Polgar's highest rating ever was 2735, according to her Wikipedia article.

Aw... why did you disable posting with just a blog URL? Too many would-be spammers?

Jan said...

id, I disabled "anonymous" posting because after being online with this blog more than 4 years for the past couple of months I had been innundated with stupid spam and it was a pain in the rear end to go through and delete it all. The flood of spam as since STOPPED. Thanks for the info on Judit's highest ELO. I sure do not remember Judit ever reaching 2735, will have have to check out if a source is cited.

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