Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"American Airways" Scam Alert

Always remember the first rule of scamming:  When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

A few days ago I received in the mail a handwritten envelope addressed to me at home.  I opened it and on stationery from "American Airways" I was informed that I had "qualified" for two round trip airline tickets worth up to $1,298.00, but I must respond no later than January 11, 2013. This letter contained a toll-free number and was signed by "Sharon Dole, Vice President."

LOL!  I knew it was a scam instantly, but for the hell of it I tried calling the toll free number and got nothing but music.  I wanted to have some FUN with whoever was on the other end of the line.  No voice greeting indicating that all the lines were busy and to please hold, someone would be with me shortly.  Nope, just music.  Damn!

Tonight, I had a chance to check out "American Airways."  Yes, it is a scam, darlings.  Please check out the Better Business Bureau's Consumer News and Opinion blog.  Starting in December, 2012, similar letters began showing up in my area of SE Wisconsin.  Some folks received letters with an identical toll-free number to the one in my letter, and some folks received letters signed by "Sharon Dole, Vice President."  I wonder if she's related to Bob D -- oh, never mind, LOL!

Beware if you receive something like this in the mail.  Several different phoney but sound-close-to-the-real-airlines are being used to give a ring of authenticity to the "letter."  It's a phishing scheme.  I hope they crack down on these assholes.

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Melissa Crank said...

I received this in the mail today but it came in a perferated envelope. Same amout exactly, but signed by Jan Cane. I remembered hearing about this scam on the news, so I laughed when I received it. American Airways does not exist, it American Airlines that is real.

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