Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anne Ulrich Wins 2012 Junior Grand Prix Title

What wonderful news!  Anne Ulrich has taken first place in the 2012 Final Chess Magnet Junior Grand Prix Top Standings.  Here are the top 10:

IDNameStateJGP PointsEvents
13498420ULRICH, ANNE EWI1260714
14640907HOFFMAN, EVANCA-S1154921
14898470MADDEN, KERRIGANCA-S1013723
13258867ABE, MAHIRONY925511
14472386PATEL, ADVAITWV769022
14117950YU, JENNIFER RVA751618
14143035ASARIA, DANIALCA-S726711
14547128KOBLA, VISHALVA726614
13999045LIANG, AWONDERWI69269
14836268PROLEIKO, JULIANMO692411
As you can see, Anne won by a little more than 1,000 points!  I met Anne at one of the Hales Corners Chess Challenges.  She and her sisters, Rachel and Susan, have participated in several of the Challenges.

I was not able to locate a list of prior USCF Junior Grand Prix winners, so I cannot be 100% certain that Anne Ulrich is the first female to win this title, but I think it likely she may be.  Congratulations to Anne!

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