Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day Trick

Hola darlings!

It's a snow day at Maison Newton toda.  The snow started coming down about 2:30 p.m. yesterday and its still snowing hard out there now.  With winds out of the northeast (off Lake Michigan) of 20 to 35 mph there has been drifting even though the snow is wet and heavy.  The temperatures are mild, hovering around 32 degrees F.  This is one of those stealth blizzards...

I got up extra early this morning and took a look outside, and listened to the traffic reports on the radio.  Highways in bad shape, city of Milwaukee schools closed!  Straight snow fall around here, I'd say 8 inches of wet very heavy snow, and it's compacting even as I sit here and type this -- not good.  I have drifts up to 5 feet high.  So much for the forecasters' predictions that "the wet heavy snow won't drift much."  HA!  I have a good 18 inches of snow to shovel through in my driveway to make an 18 inch wide path from my front porch to the road.  Ain't happening until the snow stops (it shows no signs of doing so), and will take hours to do, as I can only shovel for 10 minutes at a time, then take a 30 minute break, monitoring my breathing and pulse the entire time.  I wasn't kidding when I wrote about having a bad heart.  Mr. Don's killed him, I'm not going to let mine kill me by being foolish trying to clear a path on my 30 foot long driveway. 

I've got a 3 foot high barrier of snow boulders at the base of the driveway caused by the plow coming through the subdivision a couple of times.  Since I got up before 6:30 a.m. another couple of inches have fallen, and its still going (may stop at noon).  Just piling up more and more and more, so I can count on the plow coming through at least once and possibly twice to pile up yet more snow boulders at the foot of my driveway.  By the time this is over I may have a five foot high wall of snow boulders to burrow through in order to get to the road.  Yep, ain't going anywhere today. 

One of the Ladies of the Bus sent me this interesting trick this morning.  See if you can figure it out!  I did after doing the trick twice, and saying to myself "you know this can't be real, figure it out, Woman!"  I'm that proud of myself, too, for doing so, LOL!

Woogie Card Trick 
Good luck. After you have thought about this for a while, pass it on to those
poor unsuspecting friends you just love to pull something over on.
[]The 'Le Woogie' Card Trick. Performed by: Le Woogie
Pick one of the following cards. Don 't click on it; just keep it in your head.
scroll down when you have your card,
Think about your card for 20 seconds in front of Le Woogie.
[]Le Woogie will attempt to read your mind!
Scroll down after 20 Seconds

The Great Le Woogie Has Removed Your Card!


SCARY ISN'T IT. Now scroll up and do it again, this will freak you out!

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