Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hales Corners Challenge XVII TOMORROW!

Hola darlings!

The Hales Corners Chess Challenge XVII, worth TEN USCF Grand Prix points, takes place tomorrow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's four grueling rounds in one jam-packed day! 

Registration is open tomorrow before start time, so come on down and register if you have not already done so! Necessary information if you wish to register - and stay overnight for that matter, as it truly is a long day (I've played in a couple and speak from experience!)

The latest count of pre-registered players for the Hales Corners Chess Challenge XVII, as of  8:00 p.m. this evening, is 74 - WOO WOO! 

Five national masters are registered to play in the Open! But you know me, I'm primarily interested in the chess femmes because, after all, we're Goddesschess!  So, how are we doing right now?

In the Open and Reserve, pre-registered chess femmes - 10 as of the last count I received an official email about earlier today (GREAT NUMBER!).  My apologies, ladies, if I have not recognized all of YOUR names so I may be missing some of you and, mea culpa to any chess dude I may have inadvertently included on this list.  I didn't do it on purpose, it's just that, sometimes, I am not able to distinguishing certain cultures' males and female names from each other. Guys (organizers) -- I've mentioned this before -- it would be extremely helpful if you would add an "F" after a female player, makes things a lot faster from my end:

14 Ulrich, Rachel 1896 
35 Huang, Alena 1485
37 Pahl, Sandra R 1441

In the Reserve (U1600),  pre-registered chess femmes:

10 Ulrich, Anne 1396
18 Huang, Sabrina 1209

23 Pandey, Ritika 1074 
25 Pandey, Divya 1048
27 Vootkur, Manisha 903
28 Wanek, Ellen Ann 844
34 Martz, Carolyn unr

Of course I recognize the Ulrich sisters! I haven't met Tom Ulrich, but he is one of the top ranked players and one of NMs playing in the Open. The Huang sisters are also playing - so happy about that!, and the Pandey sisters - so happy about that!

I am very happy about each and every one of the chess femmes playing tomorrow.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you, and becoming friends with some of you.  But, I say, you are all very close to my heart, whether I have met you or not.  Having you come out and play in tournaments such as the Hales Corners Challenges is what Goddesschess is about.  It is about YOU!

I wish I could be there with you tomorrow but, truly, my health just does not permit me to play competitive (or more truthfully, non-competitive) chess right now. I just don't have the stamina it takes to last through four intense games in one long long day.  On the other hand, if I were to play a pick-up game at my kitchen table, with no clock involved, well then, that might be a different story, LOL!  Okay, so I like to delude myself as to my individual chess greatness...

I am particularly pleased to see a number of new unrated players coming to play in the Hales Corners Challenge for the first time. I did that too, to get a rating, a couple Challenges ago.  Yep, I have my very own official USCF rating.  It's low, but it's mine, all mine :)

May dozens and dozens of chess femmes appear tomorrow morning and register to play in the Hales Corner Chess Challenge XVII!  That is my prayer, Oh Caissa, and Oh Athena, Goddesses of Chess.

Tomorrow I will be following the results of the rounds closely at the Southwest Chess Club blog and will be reporting on them as regards the chess femmes as results are posted.

A special shout-out to Ellen Wanek, who is doing wonderful things for chess in the Sheboygan area.  I've got my fingers crossed for you, Elie Mae :)

Good luck to all the chess femmes. May you win lots and lots of Goddessches prize money! 

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