Friday, April 12, 2013

Teen rape is discussed in this post. Stay away if you want to remain an ostrich.

We are obviously raising a culture of males in North America that teaches them RAPE IS JUST FINE, FUN!.  Something to laugh about on You Tube and Facebook.  Something to do to make jollies with your peers, dudes, as you post pictures of the victim, videos too, to laugh and laugh over and wave your penises in front of the cell phone cams for all the world to see.  Big joke, ha ha.

What is even more pathetic and UTTERLY pathological are the young females who join in the derision and the laughter, the ridicule and the afterwards abuse of the rape victim, as if this is something that could not POSSIBILY ever happen to them, nosirree. Nor to their mothers, nor to their sisters, their aunts, their teachers or, Goddess Forbid, their so-called friends. Or to them.  Nope.  Won't ever happen to them.  Enablers. Nope, won't ever happen to them

They call the victim Whore and Ho, and - I cannot even begin to describe the disgusting antics of these penised-jerk-offs schmucks and their female enablers in the aftermath of these horrific crimes.  Even news reports gloss over the worst details of their abuse.  Perhaps that is part of the problem.  Perhaps if people actually understood the true awfulness and horror of what these teenagers and young people are perpetrating on the female victims in the aftermath of the rape, we would rise up en masse and demand a major change in laws and in our culture.

Perhaps the most awful thing and worst abuse of all is that, in most cases, the perps and their enablers GET AWAY WITH IT. 

You may have read about the rape trial out east, the two oh-so-fucking-hot football players, brainless pricks, who apparently thought they were untouchables because they were football stars in a town that only had football to rave about, and those young men were destined to be going places, dontchaknow...  Guess what dudes, you're going places, all right.  Right to prison, where you'll be fodder for pricks shoved up your soon to not be virgin assholes.  How it is going to feel, I wonder, when you get raped, and raped, and raped, and males.

Pay back is a bitch, aint it.  As for every female enabler of these rapists and female abusers, Eye for an Eye is the most suitable punishment for your crimes.  Just think of it, girlfriends!  You too, would be gang raped and videoed for all the world to see on You Tube and Facebook, exchanged emails from dude to dude throughout the entire county where you live, news reports woud give out just enough details so that determined pricks would be able to hunt you and your family down, men who are strangers to you -- emailing you, soliciting you, posting their grossest fantasies about what they would do to you on pornographic websites, Facebook and whatever the hottest social network of the month happens to be.  Describe a rape in 140 letters or less...  They would be hanging out in front of your home, tailing you, showing up at our school, endlessly soliciting you for sex.  Hey, Ho, wanna get it on?  And your negative response, your repugnance at the thought (your GAG RESPONSE, if you don't know how to use a dictionary and look up the word REPUGNANCE) doesn't make any difference. They'll just wait until you're incapacitated drunk at some party or other down the line and you will soon find yourself on You Tube and Smart Phone videos flashed everywhere around the world.  Oh, you're suddenly famous.  Aren't you happy now, chickees!

Think I'm exaggerating?  Wish I was. I cannot even begin to write here what I truly think and feel about these horrific crimes I've read about recently, I've tried to tone things down because some people who will be grossly offended by what I'm writing here despite my warning in the title to this post.

What I have posted below is just a miniscule recent sampling of what I'm writing about.  Read it and weep for your children, Rachel.  Weep for your children

Think this can't happen to your daughter, niece, grandchild, friend, girlfriend?

March 18, 2013, 9:51 pm
How Blogger Helped the Steubenville Rape Case Unfold Online
By Paula Newton, CNN
updated 5:31 PM EDT, Wed April 10, 2013

Yahoo News, April 12, 2013
3 teens arrested for assault after girl's suicide

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