Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013 U.S. Women's Chess Championship: R2

Hola darlings!

I was able to catch quite a bit of the live coverage this afternoon at U.S. Chess Champions, but I have to say, not much attention was given to the women's games.  Always relegated to second class status, sigh.

Here are the results of the ladies from R2:

The commentators noted the draw between Ni and Kats, and interviewed Kats afterward.

Krush played her best friend, Iryna Zenyuk, and won (the game was even for quite awhile, but it appears that Zenyuk eventually ran into time trouble and made imprecise moves as a consequence). Krush was interviewed by the commentators (WGM Jennifer Shahade and GM Yasser Seirawan a/k/a "Jen" and Yaz") afterward and provided interesting insights into the dilemma of playing one's best friend in a tournament.

Anna Zatonskih played rookie to the Championships Sarah Chiang today and won, as expected, but not necessarily easily. Commentator Yaz noted that yesterday, Zatonskih praised the level of Belakovskaia's play after the game in R1. 

You'll want to take a look at the Abrahamyan-Baginskaite game.

Rankings aren't posted yet (6:38 p.m.) but Zatonskih, Krush and Abrahamyan all are 2.0 afer 2 rounds.  Tomorrow, the commentators are playing up the Zatonskih - Krush game as the determining factor in who will win this year's U.S. WCC.  Really?  Whatever.  Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, I'm making a list of particular games by the women that will factor into the equation of which one will win the 2013 Goddesschess Fighting Spirit Award...

Standings after R2:

1IM Krush, Irina2.0F24702929+0.3411
2IM Zatonskih, Anna2.0F24662925+0.3511
3WGM Abrahamyan, Tatev2.0F22803024+1.0311
4WGM Belakovskaia, Anjelina1.0F22632383+0.3101
5WIM Ni, Viktorija1.0F22622211-0.14½½
6WIM Zenyuk, Iryna1.0F22432284+0.1010
7WGM Baginskaite, Camilla0.5F22782078-0.52½0
8WFM Kats, Alena0.5F21442173+0.030½
9WGM Foisor, Sabina0.0F23001537-1.0800
10WFM Chiang, Sarah0.0F20981611-0.4200

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