Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alexandra Kosteniuk Defends Thesis to Earn Advanced Degree

Exciting news came my way early this morning.  GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, 12th women's world chess champion, who continues a full-time chess career while raising a family, successfully defended her Master's thesis at Moscow State Academy of Physical Education and Sport about the pre-school pedagogical technology for chess that she developed and is using in her chess school in Moscow (where kids from 3 to 7 years old study chess and prepare for school).  Read more.  The photo on the right is from AK's website.  It looks like the set-up for defending one's thesis is similar in Russia as it is here in the US -- you face a panel of professors tossing non-stop questions at you about your paper and you have to think on your feet!  Congratulations to GM Kosteniuk on her fine achievement.  She is an inspiration and an excellent role model for all of us, young and the young at heart :)

Alexandra joins the ranks of many chessplayers who have earned advanced degrees and gone on to careers in teaching, psychiatry, business, investment banking, mathematics, and many other fields.

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