Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Victims Complaining About Insurance Premium Hikes


After Sandy, a new threat: Soaring flood insurance

After Sandy, a dire choice: Lift home or face sky-high insurance, but many can't afford either


Okay, let me see if I've got all my ducks in a row here.  (1) YOU live on a coastline known to be frequented by storms, some of them SEVERE storms.  (2) YOU live NEAR the shoreline or (3) YOU live on a river that is known to have experienced storm surge in past history.  (4) YOUR house is built on STILTS.  (5) YOU got wiped out by Hurricane Sandy.  (6) Federal taxpayer dollars were poured into YOUR state to help YOU recover from the devastation.

Am I on storm track so far, heh?

(7) YOUR insurance premiums are now skyrocketing.  (8) YOU ALL ARE BITCHING ABOUT IT!

Where have these people been all their lives?  We had massive flooding all up and down the Mississippi River in the 1990s.  It was SO bad the government all neo-cons, Nazis and Tea Party nut cases love to hate finally said enough is enough, we're not gonna pay you suckas if you insist on rebuilding here anymore, and bought out thousands of land owners so the stupid fricks would be prevented from making the same mistake of rebuilding in a flood zone yet ONE MORE TIME.. 

We ALSO experienced Hurricane Andrew that devasted wide swaths of Florida and other states in 1992. Up to that point, Andrrew was the most devastating and costly hurricane EVAH.

Oh, don't forget Hurricane Katrina where everyone around the world was witness to hundreds of suffering souls holed up inside the Superdome in New Orleans begging for help while our Fearless Leader "I'll Fly Over and Wave Hello" -- President George W. Bush fiddled as people died in front of our eyes on live television. 

Followed by - let's see, what should I pick next?  Do I dare mention the ongoing drought conditions in the southwest of the United States and the near depletion of the Ogalla Water Aquifer which, once gone, will be gone for about 50,000 years or so?  But hey, don't tell that to the farmers growing crops we don't need in the middle of desert!  We're getting all of our produce from MEXICO these days, heh heh heh.  By the way, has anyone connected the dots as to why there has been a substantial increase in deadly salmonella outbreaks in the United States since NAFTA??? 

Continuing on with my Sunday night rants, see the two posts below. 


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