Saturday, June 15, 2013

Milwaukee Summer Challenge II

Hola everyone!

The second Milwaukee Summer Challenge is taking place this weekend - started to day, in fact!  June 15-16, 2013. 

Results/standings aren't in yet for the first rounds of the Summer Challenge.  A scholastic tournament was scheduled against the Summer Challenge (which itself was requested to move it dates and that seems to have siphoned off some chess femmes who otherwise might have chosen to play in the Summer Challenge.  That's too bad, because Goddesschess put up some nice prizes again, and a $50 best game prize for the players in the M/E Section (a closed section) as well.  This year, all of the players in that section are guys - we spread the Goddesschess love when we can :)

However, we had enough chess femmes playing to activitate the prizes (sure hope I've got these right!):

U2000--2:   Anupama Rajendra 1872; Anne Ulrich 1470

U1500--4:  Alena Huang 1496; Ritika Pandey 1371; Sabrina Huang 1347; Divya Pandey 1082; Susanna Ulrich

U1000--3:  Chelsea Moore 223

Stay tuned!

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