Thursday, September 26, 2013

FIDE Women's Grand Prix: Tashkent

Tashkent!  Brings to mind exotic open markets, the scent of spices, mysterious beauties and gorgeous fabrics.  I've never been there, but that is what the name conjures up.

This Women's Grand Prix began on September 17 and runs through October 5, 2013.  This event hosts some of the top female chessplayers in the world.  You can find lots of information and photographs at the official website

Here are the current standings:

Rank after round 8
12GMKoneru Humpy2607IND*0.50.5110.51116.5524,25
25GMDronavalli Harika2475IND0.5*0.510.510.510.55.5322,25
33GMLagno Kateryna2532UKR0.50.5*0.50.510.5115.5321,25
48IMKhotenashvili Bela2514GEO0*011100.514.5413,50
511WGMJu Wenjun2535CHN00.50.51*1100.54.5317,75
610WGMGirya Olga2439RUS00.50*00.51114312,00
77GMZhao Xue2579CHN0001*1100.53.5310,75
84GMStefanova Antoaneta2496BUL0.50.500Ѕ*0.50.513.5112,50
96WGMMuminova Nafisa2293UZB00.50100*0.513210,25
1012GMKosteniuk Alexandra2495RUS001000.5*0.51329,25
111GMDanielian Elina2470ARM0000.510.50.50.5*3110,50
129WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan2307KAZ0.500.500.5000*1.506,75

The Indian players are holding tight right now to the top two spots.  With three games to go, will Koneru and Dronavalli be able to hold off the competition?  They each have some tough games still to play. Dronavalli, a veteran at Women's Grand Prix events at her young age, will put up a strong fight to hold her position. It is my impression that she seems to play better when she feels her back is against the wall. Koneru is more of a puzzle.  She sometimes appears prone to nerves.  I'll be following toward the conclusion as time permits.

So, how did the women get to their current standings?  Here are round-by-round results:

Round 1 on 2013/09/18
1GMDanielian Elina2470½ - ½GMKosteniuk Alexandra249512
2GMKoneru Humpy26071 - 0WGMJu Wenjun253511
3GMLagno Kateryna2532½ - ½WGMGirya Olga243910
4GMStefanova Antoaneta24961 - 0WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan23079
5GMDronavalli Harika24751 - 0IMKhotenashvili Bela25148
6WGMMuminova Nafisa22930 - 1GMZhao Xue25797

Round 2 on 2013/09/19
12GMKosteniuk Alexandra24950 - 1GMZhao Xue25797
8IMKhotenashvili Bela25141 - 0WGMMuminova Nafisa22936
9WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan2307½ - ½GMDronavalli Harika24755
10WGMGirya Olga2439½ - ½GMStefanova Antoaneta24964
11WGMJu Wenjun2535½ - ½GMLagno Kateryna25323
1GMDanielian Elina24700 - 1GMKoneru Humpy26072

Round 3 on 2013/09/20
2GMKoneru Humpy26071 - 0GMKosteniuk Alexandra249512
3GMLagno Kateryna25321 - 0GMDanielian Elina24701
4GMStefanova Antoaneta24960 - 1WGMJu Wenjun253511
5GMDronavalli Harika24751 - 0WGMGirya Olga243910
6WGMMuminova Nafisa22931 - 0WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan23079
7GMZhao Xue25790 - 1IMKhotenashvili Bela25148

Round 4 on 2013/09/21
12GMKosteniuk Alexandra24951 - 0IMKhotenashvili Bela25148
9WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan2307½ - ½GMZhao Xue25797
10WGMGirya Olga24391 - 0WGMMuminova Nafisa22936
11WGMJu Wenjun2535½ - ½GMDronavalli Harika24755
1GMDanielian Elina2470½ - ½GMStefanova Antoaneta24964
2GMKoneru Humpy2607½ - ½GMLagno Kateryna25323

Round 5 on 2013/09/23
3GMLagno Kateryna25321 - 0GMKosteniuk Alexandra249512
4GMStefanova Antoaneta2496½ - ½GMKoneru Humpy26072
5GMDronavalli Harika24751 - 0GMDanielian Elina24701
6WGMMuminova Nafisa22931 - 0WGMJu Wenjun253511
7GMZhao Xue25791 - 0WGMGirya Olga243910
8IMKhotenashvili Bela25141 - 0WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan23079

Round 6 on 2013/09/24
12GMKosteniuk Alexandra24951 - 0WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan23079
10WGMGirya Olga24390 - 1IMKhotenashvili Bela25148
11WGMJu Wenjun25351 - 0GMZhao Xue25797
1GMDanielian Elina2470½ - ½WGMMuminova Nafisa22936
2GMKoneru Humpy2607½ - ½GMDronavalli Harika24755
3GMLagno Kateryna25321 - 0GMStefanova Antoaneta24964

Round 7 on 2013/09/25
4GMStefanova Antoaneta2496½ - ½GMKosteniuk Alexandra249512
5GMDronavalli Harika2475½ - ½GMLagno Kateryna25323
6WGMMuminova Nafisa22930 - 1GMKoneru Humpy26072
7GMZhao Xue25790 - 1GMDanielian Elina24701
8IMKhotenashvili Bela25140 - 1WGMJu Wenjun253511
9WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan23070 - 1WGMGirya Olga243910

Round 8 on 2013/09/26
12GMKosteniuk Alexandra24950 - 1WGMGirya Olga243910
11WGMJu Wenjun2535½ - ½WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan23079
1GMDanielian Elina2470½ - ½IMKhotenashvili Bela25148
2GMKoneru Humpy26071 - 0GMZhao Xue25797
3GMLagno Kateryna2532½ - ½WGMMuminova Nafisa22936
4GMStefanova Antoaneta2496½ - ½GMDronavalli Harika24755

Tomorrow is a rest day, play resumes on September 28th with these match-ups:

Round 9 on 2013/09/28
5GMDronavalli Harika2475-GMKosteniuk Alexandra249512
6WGMMuminova Nafisa2293-GMStefanova Antoaneta24964
7GMZhao Xue2579-GMLagno Kateryna25323
8IMKhotenashvili Bela2514-GMKoneru Humpy26072
9WGMNakhbayeva Guliskhan2307-GMDanielian Elina24701
10WGMGirya Olga2439-WGMJu Wenjun253511

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