Sunday, March 30, 2014

Egypt Pulling Publicity Stunt

If there are three priest-kings buried with the more treasures than Tut, I'll take a bite out of my wool beret and eat it! 

These are desperate times in Egypt.  We all know that tourism, the life-blood of modern Egypt, has fallen off some 95 to 98% during the continuing unrest of the past four years.  Egypt went from Mubarak (a dictator), to a weak coalition government (a form of democracy), to an Islamic majority (another dictatorship), to a military coup.  American tourists, who are considred "rich" by much of the world, are staying away in droves.  Well, who can blame them?  At least BBC is no longer broadcasting images of unemployed Egyptian males burning Americans in effigy and trampling the Stars and Stripes.  Like I would EVER spend an American penny in your country, dudes?  Ha!

I think this is bullshit - but, we'll see...

Archaeologists race to secure ancient burial site of three Egyptian kings that will make the treasure of Tutankhamun's tomb look like a 'display in Woolworths'

  • British archaeologist John Romer, 72, believes he knows location of tomb
  • It is believed three priest kings - Heridor, Piankh and Menkheperre - were buried there
  • Romer claims the site in Luxor, Egypt, contains magnificent treasures
  • Rival archaeology teams are now in a race to find and secure the tomb
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