Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stupid Politician Comments

So these makes headlines? Picked from the news today:

(1) Hamas and Iran say they will do anything they can to "disrupt" Middle East peace process. Well - DUH! Now it would REALLY be news if the dudes said hey, yeah, let's get on with this and stop killing everyone's (including our own) women and children. Yeah, right.

(2) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who got dropped on his head too many times as a child, says: "While President Uribe is president of Colombia I will have no type of relationship with him or with the government in Colombia." Boo hoo hoo, you won't play nicey-nicey with me so I'm going home to tell my mommy on you, you bad boy. Check out the pic: Can't you just see him pounding his fists on the ground going I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, you bad bad boy. Really, Hugo, you got to learn to chill, darling!

(3) As violence ebbs, Sarkozy calls riots "unacceptable." Oh, gee, really?

(4) Vatican spokesman says Palestinians have right to return to their homeland. Oh - and which homeland is that? I'd take advice from the Queen of England's favorite horse before listening to the Pope's "spokesmen."

(5) “We don’t name animals Muhammad,” says spokesman for the Sudanese government, that is charging a British primary school teacher with a crime for "insulting Islam" - naming a teddy bear used as a classroom project "Muhammad." Now she has "to prove her innocence" before an Islamic judge. Nice, a totally rigged system. Teacher is facing a penalty of six months in prison and 40 lashes. What would the punishment be, I wonder, for naming a dildo Muhammad?

There's a million of them out there, folks. This will be a continuing feature in the future, tee he he.

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