Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Women's World Chess Championship R3, Game 1

Summary from the official website:

16 participants out of 64 continue to play in the World Championship. Three games Kosteniuk – Ruan Lufei, Skripchenko – Cmilyte and Harika - Muzychuk Maria were drawn. Two games were finished relatively quick but in the third one Harika Dronavaliy was trying to win rook ending with pawn up but after 90 moves players shared a point. Among the winners of the first game are Humpy Koneru, Hou Yifan, Zhao Xue, Katerina Lahno, Ju Wenjun. The game between Chinese Hou Yifan and her former compatriot Zhu Chen ended in favor of the young prodigy. After 20 moves the position was about equal. The player from Qatar underestimated her pawn weaknesses in the ending which fallowed after the queen trade that she proposed herself. Hou Yifan was accurate to prove the ending to be won.

Round 3
Round 3 Match 01
Kosteniuk, AlexandraRUSGM2507½½
Ruan, LufeiCHNWGM2480½½
Round 3 Match 02
Koneru, HumpyINDGM260011
Zatonskih, AnnaUSAIM247800
Round 3 Match 03
Hou, YifanCHNGM259111
Zhu, ChenQATGM247700
Round 3 Match 04
Zhao, XueCHNGM247411
Dembo, YelenaGREIM245400
Round 3 Match 05
Cmilyte, ViktorijaLTUGM2514½½
Skripchenko, AlmiraFRAIM2460½½
Round 3 Match 06
Lahno, KaterynaUKRGM252211
Huang, QianCHNWGM240200
Round 3 Match 07
Muzychuk, AnnaSLOIM253000
Ju, WenjunCHNWGM252411
Round 3 Match 08
Harika, DronavalliINDIM2525½½
Muzychuk, MariyaUKRIM2462½½
USA's IM Anna Zatonskih with white v. Indian GM Koneru Humpy
The second game of Round 3 takes place tomorrow.  The Muzychuk sisters (Anna playing for Slovenia and Mariya playing for Ukraine) have their work cut out for them.  Kateryana Lahno seems to be in a really good place right now, she's rolling along marking up victory after victory.  Is this her time?  The lone American player left in the championship, IM Anna Zatonskih, ran into the buzzsaw GM Koneru Humpy.  Anna needs a win tomorrow just to force a play-off.  Can she pull it off?  One thing is certain.  The remaining women are all really really tough competitors, several of them having come through grueling play-off action already.

Stay tuned. 

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