Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Blizzard - 4

Now comes the hard part - shovelling out.  Even if I had a snowblower, I don't think I'd be able to manage it, the snow is too deep.  So, I started at the least drifted over spot next to front porch and over the course of about 45 minutes, I made it through to the road.  I partially unburied my mail box - but it's clear that the plows have to come through at least once more and that means anything I shovel in the road will just get snow bermed in again, so I will wait to tackle the hardest part until after the plows have come through.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a break because after a second 45 minute bout my toes started freezing - my old tall boots are too tight!  I haven't had to wear them for years and my feet have fattened out and flattened out, rendering the size 8s too small.  Damn!  Now though, with at least a foot-wise path shovelled out, I can wear my shorter water-proofs and will be okay.  I've started working down the driveway to widen the path out to about 3 feet wide.  The hardest part will be getting ride of the plowed in snow berms at the foot of the drive.  The snowbank on the right is nearly as tall as I am already, which means I'll have to haul the snow, shovel full by shovel full, back up the driveway to dump it on the side where the snow bank isn't so tall.  Great, just great.  Oh crap - I hear a plow --

Hello, house!  Look - pavement!
Well, time to put the boots back on and get at it again.  The winds are still drifting the snow so I may have to get up uber-early tomorrow morning and shovel my path out again before I even shower.  Winds will calm down to about 20 mph later tonight, but a deep freeze is coming.  I can deal with snow, me strong like bull with my trusty shovel -- but I HATE sub-zero F temperatures.

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