Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Saturday

It feels like a Sunday to me because I had a vacation day yesterday.  this is the first of a series of planned 3-day weekends.  It was lovely!  The weather was nice too.  I cut the grass out front; went to lunch with my friend Ann at our favorite Olive Garden, ate too much, then we went shopping, then I came home and cut the grass out back.  Then I rested for several hours on the deck before tackling some pruning chores.

Today it's lovely, but much more humid -- it slows me down considerably not to mention my knees ache in the dampness, and thunder-storms are expected later this afternoon.  Despite rising at my usual time I had a slow start - dinked around at Facebook rather than getting to the Walgreens to pick up a scrip and then get out back to continue the never-ending gardening chores!  Didn't get to Walgreens until 9:15.  I have giant burdock to be dug out and a ton of chopping down and pruning to do.  Well, it will still be there 30 minutes from now...  But I will move - soon - tomorrow is supposed to be yechy so I must get some more yard work in today.

I have made some progress in getting the back yard in shape.  I came across this photo I took on May 22nd, and took this shot of the same area this morning.  All the dandelions are gone, hooray!  I hope you can see other improvements, not to mention that the garden has exploded to overflowing since May 22nd.  It never ceases to amaze me!
May 22, 2011 - weeds, dandelions, empty nut shells and branches and twigs all over!
June 18, 2011 (about 6:30 a.m.) - weeds and dandelions gone, branches and nut shells (mostly) cleaned up.

Much yet to do. Will I ever have the energy and ambition to edge those island flower beds? Oy!

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