Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Priceless Artifact Stolen from Church

Absolutely the lowest of the low.  From The Upshot at yahoo.news

St. Anthony’s stolen religious relic sparks searches
By Mike Krumboltz
I dom't see angel-shaped gold handles.
A 780-year-old treasure honoring St. Anthony of Padua has been stolen from a Southern California Catholic church.
The relic, which is normally kept under lock and key, was brought out by the Rev. Jose Magana because he thought it might help his parishioners regain their faith during the difficult economic climate. In a bit of bitter irony, St. Anthony is known as the patron saint of lost things. Following news of the theft, web searches on "st. anthony stolen" and "who was st. anthony" both surged.
The relic was taken at some point on Monday, "the feast day of the church's namesake." According to a buzzy article from the AP, the relic was likely stolen at some point between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. When the parishioners realized the relic had been taken, there was an audible gasp in the church.
A police lieutenant said "the relic is housed in a 16-inch reliquary case with angel-shaped handles made of gold and silver on either side." The reverend called the relic invaluable," according to the AP.

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