Sunday, July 24, 2011

8th Susan Polgar Girls Invitational

This unique event starts today (July 24 - 29, 2011, on the campus of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas).  It combines an intensive chess training regimine over several days, culiminating in a championship tournament.  As of July 19th, here is a list of the participants from Susan Polgar's chess blog.  The names are listed in alphabetical order, not by state/wild card entry:

Abella Clarissa
Borg Janna
Cancio Aiya
Chen Evelyn
Chen Joy
Chikkala Sneha
Chroneos Rea Katrina
Davis Katherine
DeLand Rebecca
Dolan Bryn
Eswaran Ashritha
Eswaran Aksithi
Feng Maggie
Gondolo Elisabeth
James Isabel
Liu Cheryl
Lu Mandy
Mann Alexandra
Mullen Marleah
Munoz Claudia
Munoz Faith
Murali Anjana (Wisconsin - YAAAAHHHH!)
Murali Ananya (Wisconsin - YAAAAHHHH!)
Naccarato Savanah
Pieve Christina
Qureshi Sadia
Sarna Kristen
Schoonover Logan
Shakoor Diamond
Takahashi Mina
Vaughn Helen
Virkud Apurva
Whatley Tori
Whitney Esther
Wyzywany Annastasia
Wyzywany Amelia
Young Dyhemia (Wildcard entry selected by GM Susan Polgar)Young Heather
Young Vanita
Zhao Chenyi
I am so pleased to see two Wisconsin (my home state) participants - and I have had the pleasure of briefly meeting the young ladies in question during the Hales Corners Chess Challenge held in October, 2010 -- the only chess tournament I've ever played in!  I will be rooting for them to do well!!!


Anonymous said...

Murali Ananya is listed as Wisconsin but she has never played in a USCF tournament yet. Why would not they pick someone who has more experience and has played before.

Jan said...

I do not know. I checked for a rating for Ananya at the U.S. Chess Federation website and she does not have a USCF rating, and I did not find a FIDE rating for her. Perhaps her name was included on the list by mistake. There are other activities held in conjunction with the Invitational, and perhaps the family has traveled to Lubbock so that the sisters could be together and the family will participate in some of the other events (Bughouse tournament, family tournament).

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