Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 FIDE World Cup

Holy Hathor, Batman!  Sam Shankland advances after offering Leko a draw in their second game today, and Leko goes home!  That's a shockeroo (but not for fans of Shankland).  Well done!

I just took a quick glimpse - this is not a thorough report.  Kamsky and Robson both going to play-offs.  GM Hou Yifan was eliminated after losing her second game to Movsesian, while GM Judit Polgar cruised into the next round with two victories under her belt.
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Updated beginning at 6:56 p.m.

USA Team: Alexander Ivanov advances 2.0 over Wang Hao (CHN), who was unable to appear due to health problems - Ivanov really caught a break there; Ray Robson is going to play-off with Etienne Bacrot (FRA), tied 1.0 each; Yuri Shulman is going to play-off with Vladimir Potkin (RUS), tied 1.0 each; Alexander Onischuk advances over Ivan Ivanisevic (RUS), 1.5 to 0.5.  Play-offs will be 2 games each played tomorrow.

Today's Hottie:
Commentator Anna Sharevich

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Anonymous said...

I honestly wish people would back off of the "hottie," etc. comments. I understand that Anna may even enjoy it - to a point - and that it is "good publicity" etc. but in my opinion this has been "done to death" at this point. She's a LAWYER. Give her some respect. Yes she is "good-looking" but she has other qualities as well. Once was enough; seventeen thousand times is overkill. People realize she is good-looking; move on. It is borderline on chauvanism.


Timothy Rigney.

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