Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 FIDE World Cup

Quick results R2, Game 1:
USA Players:

Kamsky, black pieces, 0.5
Onischuk, white pieces, 0.5
Ivanov, white pieces, 0.5
Shankland, black pieces, 0.5

Judit Polgar, white pieces, against Sergei Movsesian, 0.5

Updated beginning 7:31 p.m.:

I am really impressed with the contingent of American players.  Although GM Ray Robson is out, he didn't go without a fight!
Round 1 Match 26
Bacrot, Etienne (FRA)½½10114
Robson, Ray (USA)½½0100 2

Already after R1 32 players were deleted! Now 32 remain, and many more will be eliminated without further ado after Game 2 tomorrow. How far can Kamsky go? How far will Shankland go? Bet he's got his own all-female fan club :)

In the 2009 World Cup, Boris Gelfand knocked Judit Polgar out in the Third Round, and Gata Kamsky was knocked out also in Round 3 by Wesley So.

Today's Hottie is GM Sam Shankland, the undisputed star of this photo - nice shirt and tie, too :)

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