Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Have Shoes!!!!

Unbelievably, Zappo's delivered the order I placed last night in desperation for three more pair THIS MORNING to the office!  And they didn't charge me an expedited shipping fee, either, that I had signed up for, figuring I'd get delivery on Friday, maybe tomorrow if I was lucky.  Amazing, absolutely amazing customer service by Zappo's, and I let them know it too!  And now you know it.


What's more, one of the pair of shoes fit well and don't hurt my feet.  That's not saying, of course, that my feet look sexy in them, not with my perennially swollen ankles and wide, puffy instep, but the shoes make me feel sexy and they go perfectly with the dress (I picked it up today from P'dia Custom Couture Clothing, alterations done!!!)
These are the shoes, by David Tate (Tate Shoe Company). They're called, appropriately enough given their look, "Hot Date" and they're $95.00. David Tate designs come in W, WW and WWW widths. I love these shoes!  The heels aren't too high, so I probably won't tip over or break an ankle.

So, going back today to Zappo's by free return postage (that's part of the charm of its service) are four pairs of shoes that did not fit. 


Wow!  Now I'm glad those other orders I tried to place last night for shoes didn't work; I even tried placing an order out of desperation this morning to HSN but the secured website kept telling me I had my home address wrong!  As if I don't know my own home address?  Oh please!  While I was calling the 800 number to complain about the HSN website and to place the order over the telephone, in walked one of the Office Services guys with my delivery from Zappo's!  What's the record for a woman hanging up a telephone?  I think I broke it!

Now - the hunt for the PERFECT accessories and hosiery...

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Meh, came to this website looking to read about chess, and instead I get Imelda Marcos's blog...


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