Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet Me In St. Louis!

Hola Darlings!

I apologize for not posting as much as I normally do.  I'm still busy shopping.  Cannot put my hands on a perfect black dress to save my life, arrrgggghhhhh!

Anyway, I am going shopping yet one more time - tomorrow - will be dodging thunderstorms but I a desperate.  After deciding to send the beautiful Dillards dresses back that arrived today (one almost fit, one absolutely did not fit at all, could not even get it zipped!), I decided to sew my own.  Then I had second thoughts, so one last desperate gambit - I will try to assemble a suitable look out of off-the-rack separates.  We'll see if a certain sheer chiffon top with embellished neckline and fluttery long sleeves is still on sale and available in my size.  I've had my eye on that top since I first saw it a few weeks ago, but I couldn't imagine ever wearing such a top!  It is so out of my fashion vision!  But now I see myself teetering along on strappy black high heels, a black pencil skirt that ends just below the knee, a lace-trimmed cami and the chiffon overblouse --  who knows, it could work...

Meanwhile, I just saw this over at Facebook, where I was posting today -- I am an irregular poster at best but made an effort today because I had off for my birthday -- that the National Boy Scouts will be instituting a new merit badge - for CHESS!  That is just wonderful news!!!!! 

More information.  Big doings to launch the new merit badge will be held on September 10, 2011, in conjunction with the Chess Collectors International meeting, the grand opening of the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Kings v. Queens Tournament with international superstar chess players hosted at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis!!!! 

Isis and I are going to be very busy in St. Louis!

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