Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sad Saga of the Black Dress Shoe

Hola darlings,

Well, I can't find a black dress shoe that fits to save my life!  Forget about the stores.  I tried Rogan's (forgedaboutit), Kohl's, Boston Store and Penney's.  There are no independent shoe stores left in the area that I can get to.  Everyone has shoes, it seems, but they're all stocked in M only and I can't even get my big toe into a M width shoe these days!  A fruitless trip to the mall tonight sealed my fate.

The two pair I ordered from Zappo's arrived yesterday and I eagerly unwrapped and tried them on.  The shoe styled by "Annie" was far too small; the shoe styled by Softspots was far too large, plus I did not like the heel style.

Earlier today I was all set to order several pairs of shoes online from Boston Store, but it will take between 5 and 7 days to arrive at regular shipping - I don't have that much time plus the holiday (Labor Day) will interfere.  I could order expedited shipping but it was outrageously expensive!

So, back to Zappos this evening, where I ordered three more pair and I coughed up an extra $15.00 for 2 business day shipping, so hopefully the shoes will be here by Friday and one pair will fit.  If not - oh crap - maybe I need to pay for the expensive expedited shipping from Boston Store to get those "available online only" shoes after all.  There is no "if not" - I've run out of time to get shoes! 

I never dreamed it would be this difficult to find a pair of black dress shoes in WW.  Come on - other people must have feet that swell up on them just like mine do!  It's not like I'm a size women's 12 EEEEE!  I'm a size 8 EE - but -- that's another problem.  No two manufacturers make a WW (also known as EE) the same width! 

Arggggghhhhhhh!  My credit card company is going to think I've developed a shoe fetish (2-3 weeks ago it was a black dress fetish), and they're loving every minute of it because they'll charge me interest while I'm waiting for credit balances to appear as I've been returning merchandise left and right.  Damn!

9:18 p.m. Update:

Damn!  I can't get expedited shipping for those shoes from Boston Store!  I went through the order process for three pair and can't get them on time!

Now I'm at a place online called shoebuy.com which promises free shipping and return - and they have the brand (Easy Street) that I'm looking for...

9:42 p.m. Update:

Can't get it to work properly plus they don't have any of the shoes in WW.  Epic fail.  I'm tired, and frustrated, and going to bed.

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