Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 FIDE World Cup

The American contingent of players has been whittled down further after the play-offs at the end of Round 2:

Round 2 Match 17
Ivanov, Alexander (USA)½½½0 1.5
Lysyj, Igor (RUS)½½½1 2.5

Gata Kamsky was through based on his 1.5 score so he had a rest day.  Alexander Onischuk was out after losing Game 2 with the white pieces to David Navara, to go down 0.5/1.5.  Sam Shankland lost Game 2 (also with the white pieces) to Gupta of India, to go down 0.5/1.5.  I will miss his shaggy hair, grizzled beard and sharp dressing :)

So, the only US dude left standing is Kamsky.  Today, he did what he had to do, winning his first game of Round 3 with the white pieces against Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia.  Thirty-two players are left, including the only female player (the best in the world), Judit Polgar.  She only happened to defeat the highest rated player in the tournament, a day's work for the indomitable Judit!  (Separate post with Judit's R3 game below). 

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