Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chess Femme News!

I learned about the recent activity of a couple of chess femmes tonight in reading Quah Seng Sun's chess column online:

He wrote about the Malaysian Chess Festival, which hosts several different level tournaments.  In the eighth Arthur Tan Malaysia open chess championship, the first six top spots were taken by Chinese players.  The number six spot went to "woman grandmaster, Ju Wenjun, who had come out tops in July at the first Hangzhou women grandmaster chess tournament, ahead of the reigning women’s world champion, Hou Yifan.

"I was very interested to follow her form since that event and I wasn’t disappointed. She was always among the leaders and had ended the Malaysia open placed in sixth position. Her play grew from strength to strength as the tournament approached its finish and she scored two great wins in the eighth and ninth rounds against Filipino grandmaster Oliver Dimakiling and Vietnamese grandmaster Cao Sang.

"In the sixth AmBank chess challenge, Sarvinoz Kurbonboeva of Uzbekistan lived up to her top billing by winning this tournament. Actually, it was a joint tie at the top of the standings with India’s Rohan Vijay Shandilya but a better tie-break ensured that Kurbonboeva received the challenge trophy and the top prize of RM1,000."

At Susan Polgar's chess blog, SP has sister Judit Polgar's Round 2, Game 2 against Movsesian in PGN from the ongoing FIDE World Cup.  You can view/play through the game (urgra sport website).

Alexandra Kosteniuk's chess blog reports that Deysi Cori, who won the 2011 FIDE U-20 Girls World Chess Champion title, was honored by her home country, Peru.  Deysi has now been awarded two medals of honor and over $10,000 USD by her country for her excellent performance at the U-20 Championships.  Well done!  She is a true inspiration for all chessplayers but particularly those from developing countries.  Deysi and her chessplayer brother come from a very modest background and it was a struggle for them to compete in international events, but they never gave up. 

Bolivia's Women's National Chess Championship is just underway.  Here are standings after R1:

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts.TB1 TB2 TB3
1Barrenechea StefanieBOL19501.
Basto SuelyBOL18561.
Coro SoledadBOL19061.
4WCMBorda CarlaBOL20100.
Mendoza SamantaBOL18130.
6WIMEstrada LuciaBOL20300.
Prado AlexandraBOL18200.
Arduz Murillo ValeriaBOL18460.

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