Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Indian National U-13 Girls Chess Championship

Taking place right now in New Delhi/  From Indian Sports News:

Under-13 Chess:  Monnisha Takes Sole Lead
Friday, 07 October 2011 17:09

New Delhi: [Excerpted] Defending champion G K Monnisha of Tamilnadu beat Hilmi Parveen of Kerala in the eighth round to take sole lead with seven points in the girls category of ongoing National Under-13 championship here at Kulachi Hansraj Model School on Friday.

Playing with white pieces, Monnisha displayed a finely crafted middle game in Scandinavian defence to overcome her Kerala rival in 56 moves while top seed and overnight joint leader Ivana Maria Furtado failed to produce a decisive result in her favour against Tripura rival Shiny Das in a Tarrasch variation of French Defence game and signed the peace treaty in 50 moves. This crucial results in the eighth round enabled Monnisha to take the slender half point lead over Ivana. Ivana is occupying the lone second spot in the point table with six and half points.

Important Results :

Round-8 Girls : Shiny Das of Tripura (6) drew with Ivana Maria Furtado of Goa (6.5); Monnisha G K of Tamilnadu (7) beat Hilmi Parveen of Kerala (5.5); Rutja Bakshi of Maharashtra (6) drew with Mahalakshmi M of Tamilnadu (6); Shoumi Mukerjee of West Bengal (6) beat Anigani Kavya of Andhra Pradesh (5.5); Vaishali R of Tamilnadu (6) beat Deekshidha P S of Tamilnadu (5); Manjula R of Tamilnadu (5) lost to Ashwini U of Tamilnadu (6); Divya Garg of Maharashtra (5) lost to Megha Gupta of Gujarat (6); Gange Tanmayee of Maharashtra (5.5) drew with Dharani Sree R of Tamilnadu (5.5); Tarini Goyal of Chandigarh (5.5) beat Sunyasakta Satpathy of Orissa (4.5); Varshini V of Tamilnadu (5) drew with Chandreyee Hajra of West Bengal (5); Priyamvada Karamcheti of Andhra Pradesh (5.5) beat Asmita Das Munshi of West Bengal (4.5); Divya Lakshmi R of Tamilnadu (4.5) lost to Nishi Mahalaxmi Iyer of West Bengal (5.5); Meghna C H of Kerala (4.5) lost to Akankhya Kabi of Orissa (5.5); Saughanthika A S of Tamilnadu (4) lost to Smaraki Mohanty of Orissa (5); Kavisha S Shah of Gujrat (4.5) drew with Varsha C K of Tamilnadu (4.5).

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